Automatically Filling Drawings with a Matte


When sketching scenes in Storyboard Pro, you might find that the background sketch lines interfere with the sketch lines of the characters. To make the panels more legible, you can apply a solid colour behind the character sketches.

The Generate Auto-Matte dialog box allows you to quickly create a colour matte for any sketch isolated on a given layer. The solid matte will obscure from view any background elements directly behind, giving the character more prominence, legibility and a sense of behaving like a solid-real world object. The shape of the matte generated is based on the outlines of your artwork, and will fill your drawing even if there are gaps in the sketch and even if the drawing extends beyond the camera frame.

You can generate a matte on one or several layers in a single panel at a time.

NOTE For more information about the options in this dialog, see Generate Auto-Matte Dialog Box.

If you need to generate the matte for all the drawings in your storyboard, you can add the Generate Auto-Matte button to the Layers toolbar—see Customizing Toolbars

or assign a keyboard shortcut to the Generate Auto-Matte dialog to streamline the procedure.