Installing Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Installing Storyboard Proon your workstation is a relatively simple and straightforward process. After installing the product, you will need to activate it before you are able to launch and use it.

On Windows, Storyboard Pro is provided in an installation wizard that will install the application and create shortcuts on the Desktop and in the Start menu. Launching the installation wizard must be authorized by a user with administrator privileges.

On macOS, Storyboard Pro is provided in an Apple Disk Image (.dmg) file, which contains the software package. It must be opened and its content must be copied over to the Applications directory for the software to be installed.


On Windows, Storyboard Pro has the following dependencies:

  • Windows Media Player must be installed to enable Storyboard Pro's audio and video transcoding capabilities. On most consumer versions of Windows, it is installed by default.
  • QuickTime Player is required if you want to export movie files in QuickTime Movie (.mov) format with all the video and audio codecs available for QuickTime. Otherwise, Storyboard Pro will only export movie files in QuickTime Movie (.mov) format using a basic H.264 (AVC) video codec and uncompressed (PCM) audio, or in Windows Media Video (.wmv) format. However, the application does not need QuickTime Player to launch and can be used without it.
  • Adobe Reader is required on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in order to read PDF documents. On Windows 10, Microsoft Edge can be used to read PDF files.