How to Import Videos

When you create a Storyboard Pro project, the only track intended to contain visuals in your animatic is the storyboard track. However, it is also possible to add video tracks to your project, which can contain still images or video files that will display over or under your animatic. This can be useful if you need to use reference images or videos, to have elements such as logos or backgrounds span over several panels or scenes, or to insert videos, such as opening sequences, credit sequences or live action footage to your animatic.

Contrary to layers in a panel, clips in video tracks can extend over several panels, and are not affected by camera movements.

Adding Video Tracks

Just like sound clips must be added to audio tracks, video clips must be added to video tracks. Hence, before you can add video clips to your animatic, you must create video tracks.

Just like audio tracks, you can add several video tracks to your project and have clips overlap each other. You can also add video tracks above or below the storyboard track, so that videos appear in front of, or behind the animatic.

Importing Video Clips

Once you have a video track, you can import image or video clips to this track.