Exporting Project Metadata in CSV Format


Using the Export CSV dialog, you can export your project's metadata, such as its scene and panel names, its transitions, the captions for each of your project's panels, the names of each layers in your panels, and other such information into a Comma Separated Value (.csv) spreadsheet.

CSV is a text-based spreadsheet format that is commonly supported by spreadsheet editors, and which is easy to process in scripts and other software as it is merely a text file containing the value of each cell, typically separated by a comma. However, it does not support advanced spreadsheet features such as text formatting and formulas.

Exporting a CSV file can be useful if you wish to view the metadata for your project in a spreadsheet editor, such as Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc or Google Sheets, for analysis, or if you wish to make a script that will use the metadata for your project in any specific way.

You can also use this dialog to export your project's captions into a spreadsheet, edit them in a spreadsheet editor, then import the edited spreadsheet back into your project to update its captions. For more information on this procedure, see About Editing a Project's Captions in a Spreadsheet Editor.

IMPORTANT If your captions contain non-latin character (ie: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.), you should avoid editing a CSV containing your project's captions in Microsoft Excel, as it will display those non-latin characters, but it will not save them in your CSV file. LibreOffice Calc and Google Sheets support saving CSV files with non-latin characters.