Painting with the Stencil Brush tool

The Stencil Brush tool is not meant for drawing or painting on its own. Instead, it can be used to paint over existing artwork. This can be done in one of two ways on vector layers:

  • Repaint Brush mode: Existing artwork is repainted, ignoring empty zones.

  • Overlay Brush mode: Existing artwork acts as a mask. Drawing or painting over existing artwork results in these strokes being cut by the boundaries of the mask. These strokes are not flattened with the existing artwork and remain editable. This can be useful to quickly add shadows to drawings.

When working on bitmap layers, these modes do not appear in the Tool Properties view. In that instance, the Stencil Brush tool behaves as if the Repaint Brush mode is enabled. The Stencil Brush tool works on all types of brush strokes, pencil lines and fills.