About Caption Fields


Storyboard Pro allows you to store information of various types for each panel in your project via captions, which can be viewed and edited in the Panel view.

Each panel in a project has its own caption fields in which you can enter information specific to that panel. By default, a Storyboard Pro project will have the following types of captions:

  • Dialogue: The lines of dialogue spoken by the characters in the current panel.
  • Action Notes: The actions performed by the characters in the current panel.
  • Slugging: Notes regarding the timing of dialogues and actions in the current panel. These can be added while creating the storyboard to give instructions on how to create the animatic.
  • Notes: Any relevent information about the current panel or the current scene, such as the scene heading, the characters and props, ambient sounds, background and foreground actions, continuity notes or, if working on a live action project, the cast, crew, props or material required to complete the shot.

It is possible to customize the caption fields your project uses. You can add new caption fields, remove, hide, rename or reorder existing caption fields, adjust the amount of space each field occupies in the Panel view, etc.

While each panel has its own captions, the types of caption field themselves are saved at the project level. This means that the amount of caption fields, their names and their order are determined for your entire project. If you add a new caption field, every panel in your project will have this new caption field, but it will be empty and you will get to fill it up separately for each panel. Likewise, if you delete a caption field, it will be deleted for every panel in your project, even in panels where that caption field contains text.

NOTE While the Storyboard view only has one caption field by default, the Script field, this caption field the same was as the caption fields in the Panel view, meaning that you can also add new caption fields to the Storyboard view, rename them and reorder them and delete them as needed.