Producer 21 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Producer 21.

Tracking Page Improvements

  • Tasks status and Assignee modifications are updated in real-time.
  • Take and retake count has been made more flexible via triggers.
  • Ability to filter task status updates based on date.
  • Improved feedback when editing tasks.
  • Ability to edit tasks on multiple selections when displaying scenes of a job.
  • Ability to order and group notes by Time/Date they were created, in addition to grouping them by Author/Date or tags.
  • Updated “Submit to Review” button text for clarity.
  • Ability to edit priorities inline for multiple items at once.
  • New option to display latest preview for the current process or latest uploaded preview, regardless of process.
  • Added a “Scene Focus” view to see all the details of a scene on one page.

Open Tasks Improvements

  • A “Tiles” view layout was added to the “Open Tasks” page as an alternative to the “List” view layout.
  • New summary panel was added to the “Open Tasks” page with a status overview of your tasks.

Review Tool / Review List UX Improvements

  • Added multiple line thickness options for drawing annotations.
    • The line thickness of drawing annotations can be set to 1,2,4,5 or 7 pixels.
  • Updated “Submission List” button icon/graphic.
  • Lightbox option to add a white overlay with opacity for drawing annotations.
  • Revision type options (Artistic and Technical) have been simplified, set and forget.
  • Ability to hold shift and draw a perfect circle.
  • New fixed top-left panel control (Review list, Scene list).
  • Removed the white border.
  • Clear text contrast when editing notes.
  • Controls are now located under the video.
  • The review page layout is automatically saved.
  • Movie files are now optimized during upload for better playback experience.
  • Added permission to edit all review notes, not only moderated notes.

Assets Page Improvements

  • Improved navigation in Asset Manage based on environments and jobs.
    • Added ability to exclude environment assets when filtering for jobs. The environment and job filters have been moved directly on top of the Assets page.
  • Ability to create multiple assets at once and link them to the same environment or job.
    • Assets can now be created in bulk and associated with the same environment(s) or job(s) from the “Create Assets” dialog.
  • New interface to manage the Asset types and categories.

CSV Import Improvements

  • Provide Note tag information
  • Assign Assets to Scenes
  • Import Notes with images

Reports Page Improvements

  • Added ability to share reports.
    • Each user can now create and share reports with other users, groups or everyone.

Fixed Issues

  • Labels in the status filter
  • Duplicated tasks upon creation
  • Stitching issue with local and batch renders
  • Playback issue in Review tool where it would skip scenes
  • Notes not displaying for all processes in Open Task page
  • Display issue with Assets in bottom panel of Open Tasks
  • Enabling/disabling external, locked and closed reviews
  • Playback issue in Review tool with mono and stereo audio tracks
  • Frame navigation issue in the Review tool
  • Width of navigation boxes to accommodate long names
  • Erroneous report data and chart when switching report type
  • Error message when adding a retired item to a review session
  • Review tool issue when uploading large note attachment files
  • Fixed a syntax error in TB_WebCC_Snapshot.js using render queue uploads
  • Error message when opening an external Asset with an invalid path
  • Looping option issue in the Review tool
  • Sound drifting issue in Review tool
  • An issue in “Open Tasks” where the search panel would not display any process or status.
  • Error when fetching completion percentage data in "All Scenes" mode.
  • Performance issue when uploading Note attachments in the Review tool.
  • Added missing Asset name field in the reports.
  • An issue when importing movie files from Storyboard Pro.
  • Custom fields issue that would not display in “Open Tasks”.
  • Assets priority that would not display in “Open Tasks”.
  • Eraser performance in Review tool.
  • Exporting a CSV for 300+ selections.
  • Saving layout options in the Review tool.
  • An issue when trying to open a retired review session.
  • Naming a progress node "Assets".
  • Playhead position when selecting scenes in the Review tool.
  • An issue when deleting “Views”
  • Retired users should not be able to log in
  • Displaying the processes and statuses when filtering under “Open Tasks”
  • Editing a job “Custom Field”
  • Display issue with metadata column
  • Take/retake trigger where initial count was ignored