Producer 21.1 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Producer 21.1.

New Workflow Editor (BETA)

  • Improved workflow visualization and configuration.

  • Workflow Behaviour management has been streamlined.

  • With this release, we introduce a brand New Beta Workflow Editor. With its modern interface, the new editor delivers the following:

    • Creating a workflow is quick and easy; users can create workflows autonomously

    • Tasks Behaviours (previously known as triggers) are easy to visualize and to set up.

    • Visualize the final look of your interactive workflow as you are building it.

    • Duplicating processes, behaviours or entire workflows is childsplay.

    If you are a current Producer user, and you have created workflows in Producer versions prior to Producer 21.1 - yes, they are compatible in the latest release. Both the current workflow editor and the New Beta Workflow Editor as accessible in Producer 21.1 We are eager for you to give the new workflow editor a try and provide us with your feedback.

    New to Producer? We are excited that you are considering the latest version of our animation production tracking software. We want to hear from you as well! Is the New Beta Workflow Editor as user friendly as you were expecting?

    Contact us with your feedback -


New Preview Carousel in the Focus View

  • Added a carousel style preview to the focus view, making it very easy to browse through every Preview version.

Improvements to the Review Process

  • Added permission to control what review sessions an external reviewer can see when accessing the review page.

Reports Page Improvements

  • Added a Job search criteria to the reports.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue when a process name ended with an extra space character.
  • Fixed an issue with the overview processes displaying out of order.
  • Standardized the completion values into integer numbers.
  • Fixed a display refresh issue when updating the priority in the Focus View.
  • Fixed an upload issue in Producer Link when scene names contain a special character.
  • Producer Link error notification can now be dismissed properly.
  • The button to "Clear All Filters" will now also clear "Custom Fields" from the search criteria.
  • Fixed a username pattern issue that would prevent opening review sessions.