About Sending Assets to Harmony (Baking)

In Producer, “baking’ refers to the pushing of assets directly into Harmony scenes. This can be simply accomplished in the Asset Assembly page, by selecting the scenes for which you wish the baking to be done and pressing the baking button (with the Harmony logo). However, several operations have to be completed first to insure a successful bake.

Requirements for Baking


Producer Link is an application that can help you create workspaces and upload assets to Producer. It can be downloaded from the about page of Producer.


Setup through Producer link, the file /Users/user_name/.producer/cli_workspaces has to reflect the local access path to folders storing assets.


Setup manually, the file /USA_DB/workspaces.json specify which folders can be used to store templates and must also specify the folders containing assets (the same as specified in cli_workspaces) so that Harmony can find these assets and paste them to the scenes.


That Harmony script allows the user to push an asset from a Harmony scenes as a preview in Producer and as a template, in a library folder (specified in workspaces.json). That script can be downloaded from the About page of Producer. (Note that all 4 scripts should be installed as they are referring each others)


WebCC is a Harmony application that is able to communicate with Producer. For the baking to work, you have to use WebCC version 17.0.3 or more higher.