About Reviewing

Reviewing is the process of watching, reviewing, approving, and providing retakes to preview movies for scenes submitted by project collaborators after they have completed a task.

Project collaborators are able upload movie previews of the scenes they have worked on in Producer. By loading these movie previews into Producer’s review tool, directors, supervisors, and other project administrators are able to do the following:

  • Stitch the movie previews of several consecutive scenes into a sequence.
  • Play these movie previews
  • Stop at, or seek specific frames to examine them
  • Add notes to the scene
  • Draw annotations over frames in the scene, and add them as attachments to a note
  • Approve a scene’s task
  • Send a scene’s task for revisions (retakes)

To use the Review tool, you must create a review session. A session is essentially a container in which you can store a sequence of scenes. Opening the session will load the scenes into the Review tool and allow you to review and annotate them.

There are two types of session:

  • Temporary: A review session that is created on the go as you send scenes to the review tool from the Production page. Each user can only have one temporary review session. If you already have a temporary review session, creating a new one will overwrite the old one.
  • Permanent: A review session that is created in the Review tool before sending scenes to it from the Production page. These sessions typically have a specific purpose, such as reviewing the same segment of an episode as its completion progresses. You can create as many permanent review sessions as needed.

Reviewing allows you to preview one or several scenes together and is typically used to approve the work of project collaborators on tasks or to send them for revisions. If you only wish to watch the preview movie for a single scene without actually reviewing it, you can play the preview movies for scenes from within the Production page.