About the Interface

Producer has many pages, tabs, views and buttons that allow you to organize and manage your production workflows.

You can navigate the main sections and features available in Producer through the top menu.

Page Description
Goes back to the Project list home page.
Production Allows supervisors and directors to track the progress of episodes, scenes, tasks and manage workloads.
Open Tasks Allows a user to see the work assigned to them and update their tasks as well as logging work hours.
Assets Allows supervisors and directors to track asset tasks and manage assets.
Review Allows supervisors and directors to review submitted scenes and assets, approve tasks, add notes, and send work for retake.
Reports Allows supervisors, directors, and producers to analyze data and progress through a variety of customizable reports.
Views Allows users to create and share custom views with custom columns.
Settings Allows administrators to configure Producer by creating users, setting permissions and groups, creating workflows, and managing projects.

Users will have access to different pages and menu items based on their level of permissions—see Creating Users.