Review and Approval


Another useful aspect of Producer is the ability to review and approve processes and assets.


Reviewing work can often be accomplished in Producer. You may indeed use a Review session to view or playback an image or a video. You can write comments that will stick with the asset or scene. You may even draw on video frames to provide graphical feedback to the artists.


The workflow will determine how many levels of approvals there are. Approvals may be sequential or parallel.


Whenever a version of an item (asset or scene) is uploaded, a snapshot is created. A snapshot is an iteration of an evolving item, a specific version of it. To be able to submit an item for review, there must be a snapshot created for the current process.


Part of the review process is to leave notes about the work you are reviewing. You can also leave notes on any item at any time. Notes are typically addressed to the current assignee of a process, however other users can also be copied on them. Notes remain with the asset or scene for which it is written, making it easy for anyone to go through the history of this item.

You may search for notes through the Notes Reports section of the Reports page—see Searching Reports.