Pipelines and Workflows

In Producer, the production tracking is based on pipelines and workflows.

About Pipelines

In the digital animation world, a pipeline means a system for developing and producing something. It is a multi-stage process usually involving several different software. While there are commonalities, most animation studios will develop their own pipelines. Producer’s ability to reproduce or create complex non-linear pipelines with its node based editor makes it most adaptable to an already established studio environment.

About Workflows

The term workflow can often be used almost interchangeably with pipeline, however, in the context of Producer, pipeline refers to the abstract concept while the term workflow is reserved for the actual node structures. A workflow applies to one type of item. For example, you may have a workflow to produce jobs, a different workflow to produce scenes, and another to produce a specific kind of asset such as pixmap backgrounds. These different workflows are made up of nodes which each represent a process. There can be as many workflows as needed. Producer comes with some ready made workflows, however it is recommended that you use these as templates to create your own. Workflows are specific to projects however they can be exported and imported from one project to another.

Keep in mind that the workflows are blueprints to eventually create actual tasks that can then be assigned and tracked.