Media Library


The Media library is a repository for special reference assets; anything that will not be used directly on screen but that people will need to refer to can be stored here. There are four reference areas.


Scripts are the screenplays, the stories in written form. They are usually generated before the storyboard and can be a great source of information for anyone involved in the production.


Storyboards are graphic organizers that are the backbone of any animation production. They contain invaluable information about the story and everyone working on a project should read it at least once. The Producer’s Media library has a section to keep them accessible at all time.


After the script and the storyboard usually comes the animatic (also known as pre-viz or leica reel). The animatic is essentially a video version of the storyboard allowing the director to get a precise sense of timing. Producer lets you upload the videos making up the animatic in the Video section of the Media library.

Art References

Design references and pose sheets are critical to insure a consistent look throughout a production. It is a good idea to store these close at hand in the Media library.