Dear user,

Our product is called Producer, as it is helping you with the production. However, you do not have to be a producer to use it. In fact, Producer works best when everyone involved in the production contributes to make it a powerful hub for all assets and information. This user guide should come in handy whether you are an artist, a supervisor, or a studio manager.

Each chapter introduces a concept of the software and then presents concrete tasks related to this concept. It should be relatively easy to find out how to accomplish your goals.

Note that while this guide will help you with the initial setup of a production, the actual configuration of the software itself in not part of its scope. Please contact Toon Boom Animation for assistance in these matters.

We sincerely believe that Producer has what it takes to strengthen your pipeline and make your production smoother. May this guide help you along the way.


J.R. Lemieux

Product Manager