About Producer


Simply put, Producer is a web-based tool, designed to assist with the production tracking and asset management of your animation project, such as a feature film or a TV episodic series. It features a very handy review tool that lets supervisors draw on top of video frames to visually communicate with the artists. At the heart of Producer is a powerful workflow engine that allows you to adapt it to any specific pipeline.

While Producer can track any production created using any software, it has been optimized for interaction with Harmony, Toon Boom’s acclaimed animation software. File structure can be synchronized between Producer and the Harmony Server database. Scenes can be opened directly in Harmony from the Producer interface. Producer can communicate with Harmony to render previews of scenes or templates. It can even automatically load assets into Harmony scenes.

Properly configured, Producer can be accessed by users through a web browser on the same network (or outside, through a virtual private network). Producer runs on the Tactic engine, an open source software that manages the back end interaction with the database and the dynamic generation of web pages. Producer is installed on a Linux server on the customer’s premises. It can also run on a Windows or Mac server, within a Linux virtual machine.