Toon Boom Harmony Integration

Harmony is the most advanced 2D animation software available today. From animators to compositors, it is widely used throughout the animation industry. Harmony’s focus remains, however, on the production itself rather than on the tracking of it. Producer is therefore a welcome addition to its pipeline.

About the Harmony Database

At the heart of Harmony (in its Premium and Advanced editions), lies a centralized database that is critical to its industrial efficiency. As we started working on Producer, it was clear that while we wanted it to work with any animation pipeline, it would be very useful to Harmony users and even more so if we allowed the two databases to communicate. It was also important that the databases remain distinct to preserve their independence.

About Web Control Center

The communication between Harmony and Producer is accomplished through an application called Web Control Center (aka WebCC) which is included with the Harmony Server. Web Control Center is easy to setup and is capable of complex interaction with Harmony. In its essence, it acts as an interpreter for Producer to be able to accomplish tasks such as synchronizing file structures, opening specific scenes, rendering previews, or pre-loading assets into scenes.