Who can see the data, download, upload, edit, or delete? The answers to these questions are so critical that it makes it a good starting point for this guide, that and the fact that it will be the first thing you need to configure.


A project is always the first item in any Producer database. Any other item, such as environment, job, scene or asset, will be contained within a project. It is a fundamental component. A default project is already created as part of the standard installation.

It is possible to only have one project and all data to be contained within it. When this is the case, the project name is usually that of the company. However, since user and group permissions are linked to the project, if you would like these permissions to be different for some users from one project to another, you must set-up additional projects.


Anyone using Producer on a regular basis should have his own user login. This allows permissions control as well as task assignment and effective communication within Producer. Note that the permissions are handled through groups, for better efficiency. A user can be part of many groups and has all the rights permitted to these groups.


A group has two primary functions. First, it serves to assign permissions to its members, within the context of a project. Second, groups can be used to facilitate task assignments. For example, if you specify that the Animators group are the usual assignees for the task “animation” then the animation supervisor will only have to chose among users that are part of the Animators group when assigning an animation task.