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The Colour Card is a solid background the same size as the camera. The Colour Card can be used to fill the scene's background with a solid colour when there is no background image. If no background or colour card is added to the scene, the resulting export will appear with a black background.

By default, the Colour Card has a Z ordering value of 12 Backward. This will cause the Colour card to be behind all elements that have a value lower than 12 Backward. Most of the time, the Colour card will appear automatically behind all of your scenes elements as they are all set to 0 Backward, except is you started playing with the Z ordering of your scene components. At that point, the Colour Card will be in front of the elements that are pushed back to more than 12 fields backward.

Use the Colour Card editor to change the colour values.

Depth: Harmony uses the Depth value to determine composition order when the Z value of two elements is the same.
Offset Z: Enter the front-back position of the Colour Card layer in 3D space. This value can be verified in the Top view.
Red/Green/Blue/Alpha: In these fields you can enter a static value for a colour and transparency of the Colour Card or you can attach these parameters to function columns to change their values over time. Click on the Colour rectangle to open the Colour Picker window and select a colour.

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