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Open Drawings

To open drawings in Paint:

1. Once Harmony Paint is launched and you are logged in, select File > Open Drawings. The [Ctrl] + [O] (Windows/Linux) or [⌘] + [O] (Mac OS X).

The Database Selector opens, displaying the Environments available from the Harmony database.


2. Select the Environment, Job, Scene and Element where the drawings you need to paint are located.


3. Choose the version you want to open from the Version drop-down menu.


The Saved By and Saved Date fields display the user who was the last to save the selected scene and the date of the last save.
Refer to the Harmony Network to learn more about scene versions.


4. Click on the Open button.

The Drawings Selector dialog box opens.

5. Select the desired drawings from the drawings list:
Click on a single drawing to select it.
You can create a continuous multiple selection by holding the [Shift] key.
You can create a multiple selection by holding the [Ctrl] (Windows/Linux) or [⌘] (Mac OS X) key.
Click on the All button to select all the drawings that are listed in the Drawings Selector.
Click on the Unpainted button to select all the drawings whose status appears as UNPAINTED.
Click on the Painted button to select all the drawings whose status appears as PAINTED.
6. Click on the OK button.

The selected drawings appear in the Drawing Thumbnails view

7. Use the Control panel to navigate between the previous and next drawings. The [F] and [G].

You are now ready to ink and paint!

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