Toon Boom Harmony 21.0.1 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Harmony 21.0.1, build (2021-11-17):

This patch release of Harmony 21 addresses known compatibility issues with macOS Monterey (12.0.1).

Harmony does not natively support the new Apple silicon processors (M1 and later). On systems using these new processors, Harmony runs through Apple’s Rosetta 2. This may cause compatibility issues when running on the new ARM-based macOS systems.


The Python plugin, which allows Python 2.7 scripts to be run from Harmony, no longer loads by default on macOS Big Sur and Monterey. You can force the Python plugin to load by enabling the FORCE_LOAD_PYTHON_SCRIPT hidden preference.


  • Harmony crashes when creating or opening a scene on macOS Monterey. HAR-7677
  • Elements cannot be deleted using the Element Manager if used in more than one version of the scene. HAR-7722
  • Harmony does not delete columns when deleting the nodes if “Delete Drawing Files and Element Folders” is unchecked. HAR-7712
  • Custom shortcuts don't work if changed in more than one shortcut set. HAR-7717
  • Volume objects disappear from the Normal Map and Shading Map nodes when Harmony is running in Japanese or Chinese. HAR-7631
  • “Default Pass Through Composite" preference is missing when Harmony is running in Japanese or Chinese. HAR-7829
  • Frames are held and skipped when importing movies with 23.976 frame rate. HAR-7709

Drawing Tools

  • Drawings on bitmap layers do not follow interactively when editing them using the select or cutter tool in the Camera view. HAR-7716
  • Snapping a stroke drawn with the Polyline tool to an existing pencil line resets its width. HAR-7837

Camera View

  • The Transform tool’s pivot resets its position when pressing the space bar to switch to the Hand tool. HAR-7682
  • Animated Matte Generator is offset in OpenGL when there's a colour card on the composite. HAR-7714
  • Cached images from Pre-render Cache nodes should not be used in OpenGL. HAR-7738
  • The Camera view does not update automatically after rendering cached frames from the Pre-Rendered Cache node. HAR-7739
  • Lens Flare effect renders as opaque white shapes in OpenGL. HAR-7635
  • Deformer manipulators don’t follow the mouse when the camera is rotated in 3D space. HAR-6917


  • The wrong layer is selected when selecting with the Transform tool in the Camera view when there is a 3D model on a 2D composite. HAR-7681
  • Selecting a 3D model by making a lasso or marquee selection does not work. HAR-7678
  • Z-fighting in camera view or perspective view when rotating in 3D. HAR-7693


  • Random black frames in movies when rendering scenes with static images. HAR-7676
  • RGB values can be off by 1 when rendering in PNG 8-Bit image format. HAR-7764
  • Deformations are ignored in software render when there is an Apply-Image-Transformation node below. HAR-7782
  • Applying transformations to textures using a Colour Override node does not work. HAR-7760
  • The Gaussian Blur effect should only mirror pixels that are outside the camera frame when the “Repeat Edge Pixels” option is enabled. HAR-7623
  • Toggling the "Repeat Edge Pixels" option in the Gaussian Blur effect node does not update the Render preview immediately. HAR-7622
  • Harmony crashes when exporting a scene with audio in H.264 or Apple ProRes format on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). HAR-7654
  • Invalid images are written when certain effects nodes receive an empty cel from the node above. HAR-7718
  • Exported SWF files are empty. HAR-7834
  • Harmony on Windows may crash when rendering a specific drawing drawn with brush textures. HAR-7413


  • The Transform tool manipulator only appears around one instance if the same symbol is used multiple times. HAR-7729
  • Transformations from a parent on a symbol only considers the first keyframe in OpenGL. HAR-7719
  • The Transform tool manipulator of symbols is only accurate if the frame exposed in the timeline is the same as the one in the symbol. HAR-7720
  • Only one instance of a symbol appears in OpenGL when the symbols are connected to cutter nodes. HAR-7724
  • Symbols cannot be selected by clicking them in the Camera view. HAR-7652
  • The top level of a scene does not update automatically in OpenGL when making changes in the node graph inside a symbol. HAR-7750
  • Editing a symbol resets the current frame of the scene to 1. HAR-7679
  • Transformations on symbols are not applied to all frames in OpenGL. HAR-7651

Control Center

  • Importing scenes that are in database format do not work properly when using Control Center in batch mode. HAR-7817