Storing Scripts in a Custom Directory

By default, in Harmony Stand Alone, you can store custom scripts either in your user preferences or in a scene's scripts sub-folder. In Harmony Server, you can also store scripts in the folder of a scene's job or environment, or in a folder for the entire Harmony database.

If you prefer, it is possible to store your scripts in a specific custom location on your file system. This is done by adding the path to the custom location in the TOONBOOM_GLOBAL_SCRIPT_LOCATION environment variable. When this environment variable is set, Harmony will look for JavaScript (.js) files in that directory and add them to the list of scripts in the Script Editor, with System Variable as their location.

Additionally, when you create a script, import a script or make an original Harmony script editable, you will get to store the script in the directory in the TOONBOOM_GLOBAL_SCRIPT_LOCATION environment variable by selecting System Variable in the prompt asking you where to store the script.

If you are working in a collaborative environment, you can make this directory read-only so that only people with special privileges can add or edit scripts in this directory. Harmony will check whether it has privileges to edit scripts in this location before allowing users to make changes to them. Otherwise, Harmony will only allow the user to run them.

The method for setting an environment variable varies depending on the operating system you're using, as well as whether you want the environment variable to be set for everyone who uses the computer, or only the current user.