Toon Boom Harmony 20.0.4 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Harmony 20.0.4, (2021-09-22):

Fixes and Changes

The following issues have been fixed in this release of Harmony:

Drawing Tools

  • The Paint tool does not work on drawings that have extremely large geometries. HAR-7624
  • A hidden preference was added to allow users to lower the drawing precision and simulate the drawing experience from Harmony 14. When the preference is enabled, Harmony will round coordinates of points received from the mouse or drawing tablet, creating bumpier lines.

You can enable this preference by downloading, importing and running the script from the URL below:

  • A hidden preference was added that can be used to disable smoothing of vectors when using the Perspective tool in Lattice mode.

Animation Tools

  • Using the Transform tool or moving up the hierarchy using B does not select the peg connected to the target port of the Transform Gate. HAR-7101

Rendering and Compositing

  • The Gaussian Blur effect should only mirror pixels that are outside the camera frame when the “Repeat Edge Pixels” option is enabled. HAR-7623
  • Toggling the "Repeat Edge Pixels" option in the Gaussian Blur effect node does not update the Render preview immediately. HAR-7622
  • Rendering to QuickTime or H.264 with two instances of Harmony simultaneously may generate corrupted files. HAR-7625
  • Crash when rendering if a TVG is missing while its element node has the Transparency option disabled. HAR-7129
  • Surface Normal does not work properly when a drawing is painted with a gradient colour. HAR-7059
  • Harmony on Windows may crash when rendering a specific drawing drawn with brush textures. HAR-7413

Import and Export

  • Apple ProRes files fail to import on Windows even when QuickTime 7 is installed. HAR-7133
  • Frames are held and skipped when importing movies with 23.976 frame rate. HAR-7671
  • The selected Alignment Rule is ignored when importing a PSD as a Toon Boom Bitmap with the Individual Layers option enabled. HAR-7616
  • MC Function Wizard: Invert Slider option does not work. HAR-6080

  • Keyframes that have identical values are not added to the tbState when creating a master controller. HAR-6551

  • Poor performance when scrubbing the Timeline while Deformers on Deformer is displayed in the Camera view. HAR-6187

  • Reset Current Keyframes does not always properly reset the position of a Deformer on Deformer curve. HAR-6217

  • The curve to manipulate a Deformer on Deformer does not always follow properly. HAR-6722

  • Only the min and max values work properly when creating a Slider Widget from a Transformation Gate using the Function Wizard. HAR-6673


  • Scenes with Alembic files that use RGB colour sets may cause Harmony to crash. HAR-7503

Control Center

  • Palettes at the Job and Environment levels are not imported when importing an offline scene. HAR-7606
  • Importing a specific scene using the -import_scene argument from Control Center does not work. HAR-7580


  • Random crash when performing various drag and drop operations under the latest Windows 10 using an NVIDIA Quadro GPU. HAR-7491
  • Elements cannot be deleted using the Element Manager if used in more than one version of the scene. HAR-7128
  • Harmony does not delete columns when deleting the nodes if “Delete Drawing Files and Element Folders” is unchecked. HAR-7156
  • Harmony sometimes crashes when using the trackpad on a MacBook Pro. HAR-7152
  • Remove Unused Files doesn’t always delete palette files from disk. HAR-7090
  • Harmony crashes on rare occasions when changing the scene’s working colour space. HAR-7141