Toon Boom Harmony 20.0.3 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Harmony 20.0.3, build 20.0.3 16743 (2021-02-09):

Nodes and Compositing

Feature Description
Colour Fade Hue Interpolation

A Hue Interpolation option has been added to the Colour fade node. This new option allows selecting the type of interpolation used for the hue value and is available when the Colour Interpolation is set to HSL or HSV. The following options are available:

  • Linear: Interpolates the hue value linearly between 0 and 360. Provided for legacy reasons.
  • Circular Shortest: Linear hue value interpolation from the source colour to the destination colour using the shortest distance, passing through 360 to 0, and vice versa if shortest.
  • Circular Clockwise: Clockwise value interpolation, wrapping around 360 to 0 if necessary.
  • Circular Counterclockwise: Counterclockwise value interpolation, wrapping around 0 to 360 if necessary.
Pre-render Cache node status in the Timeline The Pre-render Cache node now shows green frames in the Timeline once a frame is rendered and available in the cache.
Render/Clear Current Frame There is a new option in the Pre-render Cache node to render or clear the image in cache for the current frame.

Master Controllers

Feature Description
Automatically Filter Attributes A new option that controls whether attributes that do not change over time should be added when creating a master controller is now available in the Stack, Grid and Slider wizards. This new option, named Automatically Filter Attributes, will omit attributes that has the same value for the duration of the source frame range and will not add them to the Master Controller.


Feature Description
Export Offline Options in Control Center Final frames, Other Directories and Libraries options can now be unchecked when using the Export to Offline option in Control Center, reducing the size of scenes when exporting in offline format.
Hiding Library options when exporting offline in WebCC

Options to export libraries can now be hidden from the WebCC interface. This can prevent the accidental export of libraries from the Environment or Job levels and unnecessary increases of file size of exported offline scenes.

These options can be hidden by adding the “-hideLibExport” option to the WebCC service launcher.


The following issues have been fixed in this release of Harmony:


  • Harmony crashes on Big Sur when there is a texture in the colour palette. HAR-6759

  • Morphing hints don’t display properly anymore. HAR-6430

  • Service Launcher's default path is wrong on macOS Catalina. HAR-5663

  • Temporary files created in the ToonBoomSessionTempDir, when importing PSD files or using a script, are not deleted if a Wacom driver is installed on Windows. HAR-6539

  • Pressing the spacebar does not reset the Transform tool manipulator. HAR-6858

  • Transform tool manipulator does not follow properly when rotating the Camera view. HAR-6859

  • Selecting multiple drawings with the Transform tool changes the active pivot. HAR-6596

  • The Reset Current Keyframe command in the Deformation toolbar doesn't reset the rotation on Free Form Deformer points. HAR-5928

  • The Kinematic output does not work properly when a Static Transformation node is used with a deformation chain set to Default Transformation. HAR-6293

  • Selecting a 3D model with the Transform tool does not work when another layer is locked. HAR-6659

  • The second controller of a Two Points Constraint node cannot be selected when there is a Transformation Gate node under it. HAR-6770

  • Scene with corrupted bezier curves causes Harmony to crash when opening. HAR-6836

  • The Camera view becomes unresponsive if a peg with a scale of 0 is above a weighted deformer. HAR-6647

  • The Pose Copier does not remember the Fill to Next Key Exposure state. HAR-6701

Drawing Tools

  • Delay drawing with the Brush tool when using a mouse or a drawing tablet that has a high polling rate on macOS. HAR-6749

  • Straight line changes to a curve when lines are connected using Line Building Mode. HAR-6263

  • There’s a delay when drawing using a textured pencil in a scene in Database mode. HAR-6654

  • Tools presets don’t work with bitmap layers. HAR-5788

  • Random crashes when drawing straight lines with the Pencil tool by pressing SHIFT. HAR-6726


  • Dragging keyframes on a Colour Curve, Colour Levels or Subnode Animation layer extends the select to layers below. HAR-6225
  • Audio scrubbing offsets and plays audio from the wrong frames. HAR-6721

Node View

  • Entering or exiting a group using cable navigation does not work anymore. HAR-6352

Master Controllers

  • MC Function Wizard: Invert Slider option does not work. HAR-6080

  • Keyframes that have identical values are not added to the tbState when creating a master controller. HAR-6551

  • Poor performance when scrubbing the Timeline while Deformers on Deformer is displayed in the Camera view. HAR-6187

  • Reset Current Keyframes does not always properly reset the position of a Deformer on Deformer curve. HAR-6217

  • The curve to manipulate a Deformer on Deformer does not always follow properly. HAR-6722

  • Only the min and max values work properly when creating a SliderWidget from a Transformation Gate using the Function Wizard. HAR-6673

Export and Rendering

  • Rendering frames in batch reports sound engine errors when launched from a service, causing deadline to report errors even when the render is good. HAR-6667

  • Exporting OpenGL frames using the openH264 codec does not work. HAR-5544

  • The selected format in the Export Movie dialog switches to QuickTime when clicking the browse button. HAR-5802

  • The Use Source/Matter Colour option does not work with effect nodes that have the blur type set to Directional. HAR-6484


  • Harmony fails to import video files that don’t have audio or if their resolution does not match the scene resolution in Windows. HAR-6543

  • No error messages when importing an unsupported video file on Windows. HAR-5909

  • Importing an interlaced 16-bit per channel PNG does not work. HAR-6716

  • Crash when importing Alembic files with out of bound colour values. HAR-6844

  • Some WMV files import with missing frames onWindows. HAR-6805


  • Drawings can be lost when using the Update Database Scene command if elements were renamed or duplicated offline. HAR-6586

  • The dbserver will attempt to close the table twice when upgrading a table to a new format. HAR-6718

  • The Force Unlock Scene command in Control Center doesn't release all the locks. HAR-6688

  • Jobs remain in the In Production list after moving them to completed. HAR-6408

  • Auto flatten does not work with the Brush tool if the Pencil tool has Line Building Mode enabled. HAR-6717

  • Thumbnails are not rendered in library folders located on a database if Harmony is running on Windows and uses a shortcuts.conf file to connect to the server. HAR-6809

  • Scene is locked for editing when a preview render is generated for WebCC. HAR-6773

  • The Queue application randomly freezes and does not update job statuses properly. HAR-6684


  • Palette::setTextureFile does not flag palette as modified. HAR-6727

  • The Pose Copier Paste button has to be clicked multiple times to work with some template. HAR-6672

  • Pasting an action template that does not contain groups does not work when using copyPaste.pasteActionTemplateIntoNode. HAR-6652