Drawing Substitutions View


The Drawing Substitutions view allows you to view all the drawings in the selected layer in a list of thumbnails, as well as to quickly select which drawing should be exposed at the current frame.

Section Description
View Menu

Opens a menu with the Create Key Exposure option. This option can be enabled or disabled. It determines what happens when you set the drawing in the current frame to the same drawing as the drawing in the previous frame.

  • When enabled, the exposure of the drawing at the current frame will be separated from the drawing in the previous frame with a key exposure.

  • When disabled, the exposure of the current frame will be merged with the exposure of the previous frame.

NOTE For more information on key exposures, see About Key Exposures.

Allows you to select the drawing to be exposed at the current frame. This will also replace the drawing for all subsequent frames during which the current drawing is exposed.

Current layer name The name of the currently selected layer. The drawings in the thumbnails list are the drawings currently stored in this layer.
Zoom slider Allows you to change the size of the thumbnails.