3D Graph View Toolbar

The 3D Graph toolbar works in conjunction with the elements in the 3D Graph view.

NOTE This toolbar is for use with the 3D Graph view. For more information on this view, see 3D Graph View.
Icon Functionality Description
Enable Subnode

Enables the selected subnode, making it and all its enabled children visible. You can also enable a selection of multiple subnodes.

Disable Subnode

Disables the selected subnode, making it and all its children invisible. You can also disable a selection of multiple subnodes.

Make Properties Available

When the 3D model is connected to a Subnode Animation node, this will add the properties (ie: position, angle, scale) of the selected subnode to the Subnode Animation node's list of properties in the Timeline view. This is useful if you want to add keyframes to a subnode before animating it or if you want to outline which subnodes should be animated and which ones should not.

Add 3D Kinematic Output

Creates a 3D Kinematic Output node and connects it under the 3D Model's Subnode Animation node. This 3D Kinematic Output node will be configured to use the currently selected subnode's animation. You can then connect this 3D Kinematic Output node to an element in your scene to apply the selected subnode's animation to that element—see Applying the Animation of a 3D Subnode to an Element.