Perspective Tool Properties

The perspective tool allows you to deform artwork by creating a rectangular bounding box around it and allowing you to manipulate any of the four corners. The selected artwork will be deformed to fit the shape you make by simulating a perspective effect.

Perspective Tool Properties View

NOTE To learn how to use the Perspective tool, see About the Perspective Tool.
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Perspective Tool Options

Selection Mode

Allows you to choose the method to visually select multiple elements:

  • Lasso: Allows you to select multiple elements by drawing an irregular closed shape around them with your mouse.
  • Marquee: Allows you to select multiple elements by drawing a rectangle around them. This is faster, as you only need to drag your mouse from one corner of the rectangle to its opposite corner, but it may not be as precise as you want.
TIP You can press and hold the Alt key to temporarily use the other selection mode.

Allows you to enable or disable snapping for this tool and all other animation and drawing tools that support snapping, as well as to select which types of snapping are enabled.

If you double-click or long-click on this button, it will open a pop-up menu in which you can toggle different snapping modes. You can also click on this button to toggle it off, which will disable all snapping modes, and click on it again and toggle it on to re-enable the snapping modes which were previously enabled.

This tool supports the following snapping modes:

  • Snap to Contour: While moving the selection or one of its control points, it will snap against the nearby points and contours of your artwork, allowing you to snap parts of your artwork together.
  • Snap to Alignment Guides: While moving the selection or one of its control points, it will snap against nearby alignment guides—see About Alignment Guides.

  • Snap and Align: When enabled, while moving a selection, the rectangular bounding box of the selection will snap to the rectangular bounding box of any other drawing stroke in the drawing, allowing you to align drawing strokes laterally.
  • Snap to Grid: While moving the selection, the mouse cursor will snap against the intersecting points of the grid.

    TIP To display the grid, select View > Grid > Show Grid from the top menu or press Ctrl + '.
Apply to Line and Colour Art

Allows you to perform drawing operations on both the Line Art and Colour Art layers of your drawing simultaneously.

NOTE If you have Overlay and Underlay Art layers enabled, they will also be affected when this option is enabled.
Deformation Mode

Allows you to select between one of the two following deformation modes:

  • Perspective: Deforms the selection by simulating a perspective effect.
  • Lattice: Deforms the selection by simply making the artwork fit the bounding box, without applying a perspective effect.

The difference between both modes becomes easier to understand if you apply a transformation to a drawing of a grid to make it look like it's laid down on a surface:


Flip Horizontal

Flips the selection horizontally.

Flip Vertical

Flips the selection vertically.

Rotate 90 CW

Rotates the selection 90° clockwise.

Rotate 90 CCW

Rotates the selection 90° counterclockwise.