Shape Line Node

The Shape Line node is part of the Height Shape suite of nodes. It is used to define a linear region of a height map and it is rendered with the Shape Render node.

Shape Line nodes help to define rigid linear surfaces on a height map that can be used in the Volume Object’s Height Map port. Each Shape Line node creates a control point to define the height shape. When Shape Curve and Shape Line nodes are chained together and connected to a Shape Render node, it generates a whole height shape.

NOTE For more information on how to use the Height Shape nodes for a surface shading system, see Creating Animatable Height Shapes for Surface Shading.

Layer Properties

Parameter Description
Name The name of the node as it appears in the Node View and the Timeline view. Each node must have a name that is unique to its containing group.
Control Point

The position of the control point for this node in the stage.

Just like the position of a drawing layer or a peg, the point can be positioned with a single 3D Path function or separate functions for the x, y and z axes. The position of the point can be animated so as to animate the whole height shape.

  • Using the Transform tool, you can manipulate the control point of a Line Curve in the Camera view by displaying its control. To do this, select the node in the Node View, then do one of the following:

    • In the Camera view toolbar, click on Show Control .
    • From the top menu, select View > Show > Control.
    • Press Shift + F11.
  • You can also display and manipulate all the control points for the entire height shape by selecting the Shape Render node that your Shape Line nodes are connected to and displaying its controls.
Flatten Z

This nullifies the camera’s parallax effect when the point is moved back and forth on the z-axis. In other words, when enabled, moving the point on the z-axis will not change its apparent horizontal and vertical position. It will make the point higher on the height map without affecting how the shape is rendered.

Close Shape Contour

This option is useful for the last point in a chain of Shape Line or Shape Curve nodes. The nodes that are chained together are automatically linked by a contour, but the first and last nodes are not linked by a contour by default. Enable this option on the last point in the chain to create and contour between the first and last point in the chain and make a closed shape.