Matte-Resize Node

The Matte-Resize effect lets you evenly expand a matte outward in all directions. The matte increases size from its centre.

Refer to the following example to connect this effect:

If you use the Matte-Resize node to create a pulsating glow, you can enlarge the region without softening the edges. Using the Blur-Radial effect, the effect may be softer than you intend. This node produces a limited antialiased matte, which can have slightly jagged edges. You could use this node in combination with other nodes, such as:

  • Tone
  • Highlight
  • Glow
  • Shadow
  • Matte-Blur


Parameter Description
Name Allows you to change the name given to the node.

Lets you enter a static value for the radius (size increase or decrease) of the matte. You can also attach the Radius value to a function column to change the value over time.