Deformation Root Node

The Deformation-Root is used when creating manual legacy multi-pose rigs. It can be placed at the start of the deformation chains. This node is no longer used for the current multi-pose rig structure.

You can modify the quality level of the Deformation effect in the Deformation-Root Layer Properties window:


Parameter Description

Allows you to enable or disable the node. When disabled, a node has no visible effect on the rendered image, nor on the preview in the Camera, Perspective, Side and Top views.

Colour Swatch

Sets the colour of the layer in the Timeline view and of the node in the Node view.

Name Use this field to rename the node.

Defines the number of slices the graphic is split into and used when undergoing a deformation. The higher the quality level, the more slices are created and the smoother the deformation applied to the graphic. There are five levels of quality:

Very High (default value)