Attribute Information Dialog Box

The Attribute Information dialog box displays information for accessing a specific attribute in a specific node through the Harmony scripting interface.

Parameter Description
Node Path

The path to access the node in your scene's node system. This path is the hierarchy of groups in which the node is located, and always starts with Top, which represents the root of the scene's group hierarchy. For example, if the node is named master-P and is inside a group named CH001_MyCharacter in the scene's root, its path would be Top/CH001_MyCharacter/master-P.

Attribute Display Name

The user friendly name of the attribute. This name cannot be used in the Harmony scripting interface.

Attribute Keyword

The actual name of the attribute in the Harmony scripting interface.

Attribute Type

The type of the attribute.

Get Value in Script

A sample script to access the attribute and store its value in a variable.