About the Scene File Structure in Harmony Server

A Harmony project is composed of several files. The drawings and colour palettes are not embedded in the project. They are separate linked files. Therefore, if you want to archive or share a project, you require all the files contained in the folder structure.

Here is an example of the file structure contained in a scene. As you work and use more features, different folders may appear in your structure.

The Harmony scene folder contains the following folders:

Folder Contents
annotation Contains the images and thumbnails created while drawing in an Annotation column in the Xsheet view.
audio Contains all imported audio files.
database This is no longer used for new projects. It remains for projects created with older versions of the software.

Contains all the drawing files. The drawings are organized by folders named like the layers they are associated with.


Contains the final frames after a render if you are using the default settings of the Write node in the Node view.


Contains scene palettes and scene palette list files.

stage Contains one .stage file for each version of the scene.

This folder is used when a user links external images to a scene and wants to store a backup copy in case the link breaks.