Temporarily Disabling Cache on Multiple Elements or Rigs

When you click on an element in a cached rig, Harmony temporarily disables caching for this rig. Then, if you click on an element in another cached rig, Harmony will re-enable caching on the previously selected rig, and temporarily disable caching on the newly selected rig. This logic ensures that at least all but one rig are cached, so that you do not have to manage which rigs are cached or not cached while working in a heavy scene.

However, there may be cases where you need to work on multiple rigs simultaneously. For example, because caching a rig causes it to display as a flattened bitmap image in the OpenGL preview of the Camera view, if you're trying to animate two characters interacting with each other, always having one of them cached while manipulating the other ones may prevent you from animating their interaction with precision—see About How Node Caching Works and Its Caveats.

To circumvent this, it is possible to temporarily disable cache on multiple rigs by holding the Shift key and clicking on each rig you want to manipulate.