About Waypoints

Waypoints are a way to organize the connection cables in the Node view.

Waypoints have two basic functionalities:

  • They allow you to modify the trajectory of a cable connecting two nodes.

  • They allow you to determine where a cable should split before branching to several nodes.

In the end, the main purpose of waypoints is to sort out connection cables in a complex node system where a lot of connections cross. By adding waypoints to your nose system, you can keep the different connections clearly separate and make your node system more legible.

A connection can have one or several waypoints accross it. The connection between a waypoint and a node will be a Bezier curve, and the connection between two waypoints will be a straight line.

In the Node view, the information travels from top to bottom. Just like it is possible to split an outgoing connection into several cables, it is possible to split a waypoint into several cables. However, keep in mind that the opposite is not possible. You cannot use a waypoint to combine several connections into one.

Just like when you create several connections from a single node, you can apply specific effects to one of the connections of a waypoint without applying it to all of them.