Changing the Position of a Master Controller Widget

By default, a Master Controller widget will always appear where it is scripted to appear. However, it is possible to manually offset the widget of a Master Controller from its default position. This is done by attaching a peg to the Master Controller, then manipulating the peg. The Master Controller's widget will move along with the peg, as if it was a drawing layer. Likewise, if you need a Master Controller's widget to be positioned relative to a specific character, you can connect the Master Controller to this character's master peg.

By default, Master Controllers do not have an input port to which you can connect a peg. To be able to do this, you must configure it to have a transformation input port. Those ports are green and are usually used to connect pegs.

NOTE If you configure your Master Controller to have several input ports, the peg that will be used to offset the Master Controller widget must be the first of its input ports. The first input port of a Master Controller node is always the rightmost input port in the Node view.