Connecting Master Controller Widgets to Nodes


Like the Script node, the input and output ports of a Master Controller node are fully customizable. To customize the ports of a Master Controller node, open its Layer Properties and select the Specifications tab. In the following example, this specifications sheet will add one Peg (green) input port, one Image (blue) input port and one Image (blue) output port to the Master Controller node:

<specs> <ports> <in type="PEG"/> <in type="IMAGE"/> <out type="IMAGE"/> </ports> <attributes> </attributes> </specs>
IMPORTANT Although the Master Controller does not require to be connected to a node system, it must at least have one output port in order to work.

To apply the change in the configuration of the input ports, you must save, close and reopen the scene.

If the first (rightmost) input port of the Master Controller node is a Peg input port, you can connect a peg node to it to affect the visible position of the widget in the Camera view. You can add more input ports and use them to detect where the Master Controller is relative to the remainder of the node network.

NOTE To learn about the attributes of a Master Controller node, refer to the Script Node reference –see Harmony Scripting Reference.