About the Slider Wizard


The Slider Wizard is a script that allows you to create slider widgets which can be used to pose a rig or any part of a rig. All it needs you to do is provided it with a few keyposes, and it will generate a Master Controller which will allow you to apply one of these poses, or an intermediary between two of these poses, to your character.

For example, you can start by creating a front, 3/4 front, side, 3/4 back and back poses for your character. Then, you can use the Slider Wizard to generate a slider widget based on these poses, and you will have a slider widget that can instantly make your character face any angle.

The Slider Wizard is very simple to use. All it needs is for you to create your keyposes, feed them to it and it will generate a fully functional slider widget, without any need for scripting.

NOTE Since the Slider uses interpolations to create the intermediary poses between the poses you provide it, the poses you make for your character must be interpolatable. This means that they must use the same layers and the same drawings, and must rely exclusively on deformations and geometric transformations to create the different poses.