Deformation Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Description Windows/Linux macOS

Add Articulation Node

Add Articulation Node.



Add Bone Node Add Bone Node.    

Add Curve Node

Add Curve Node.    
Add Game Bone Node Add Game Bone Node.    

Add Offset Node

Add Offset Node.    

Add Stick Node

Add Stick Node.    

Convert Elliptic ROI to Shape

Convert Elliptic Zones of Influence to Shaped Region of Influence.    
Convert to New Drawing and Add Deformation Chain Convert Drawing to a New Drawing and Add a Deformation Chain.    
Remove All Key Frames Remove all the key frames of the selected deformation chain.    

Show Current Deformers

Show the Selected Deformation Chain and Hide All Others    
Show Selected Deformers Shows the controls of the selected drawing's deformation chain.    
Unset Local Flag Uncheck the Selected Nodes Local Flag.    
Unset Local Flag Copy the curve point position to the parent offset.