Game Deformation Guidelines

Harmony can export deformations to the game engine XML format. Only hierarchies made of Game Bones can be successfully exported. In addition, Kinematic Outputs were implemented to complement your game bones—see About Game Bone Deformations.

Deformation in Harmony come with a wide set of features. However, some of these features are not compatible with the game engine SDK and must hence not be used for gaming. Hence, Game Bone deformers do not support the following standard Bone deformer features:

  • Zones of influence
  • Curve and Envelope deformations
  • Having more than a single pose in the deformation hierarchy

The deformation in the game engine SDK does not behave exactly as the deformation in Harmony.

To comply with most game engines and maintain fast calculations, the SDK implements a linear base skinning algorithm to linearly blend the bones at articulations. You may notice some differences depending on the curvature of the articulations used.

NOTE * Not currently available in the Cocos2d-x implementation of the game engine SDK.