Using the Exposure Fill Using Render Change to Animate a Texture Fill

You can use the Exposure Fill Using Render Change functionality to automatically fill the column of a texture override layer with drawing exposures. The exposures will change more or less depending on the amount of motion that occurs between every frame, allowing you to easily make textures animated when the character is moving, and make them still when the character is not.

TIP Harmony will analyze how much action occurs between every frame based on the image sent to your scene's Display node. Hence, if you prefer that Harmony only analyzes the action for specific elements of your scene, you can add a Display node to your scene, connect it to the elements you wish to analyze, and use it as your current display—see About Displays.
NOTE The Exposure Fill Using Render Change command modifies the timing (exposure) of the selected layer. If you modify the character animation, you may need to reapply the exposure fill as the texture's exposure might no longer give the same final result.