Using the Colour Fade Effect to Fade to a Different Palette

You can use the Colour Fade effect to change the colours in your artwork from the colours in their original palette to the colours in an alternate palette. This works just like overriding a character’s palette with an alternate palette using the Colour-Override effect.

For this to work, your alternate palette must be a clone of the original palette. This is because the Colour-Fade effect knows which colours in the original palette to replace with which colours in the alternate palette based on each colour’s “colour ID”. When you clone a palette, you create a new palette with the same colour IDs as the original palette, but you can change the colours in the cloned palette without affecting the original palette—see Cloning a Palette .

If you add a colour to the original palette after you created a clone of it, you can clone the colour from the original palette to the clone palette, so that it also has the same colour IDs across palettes—see Copying and Pasting Colours .