Creating a Pencil Texture Palette

Creating a pencil texture palette allows you to manage your own pencil textures as you wish. You can create separate pencil texture palettes for different characters, props and backgrounds as needed, and share them among the people collaborating on your project like you would with colour palettes.

Creating a pencil texture palette is as simple as creating a colour palette. When creating a palette, you have the option to create it as a colour or a pencil texture palette.


If you are using Harmony Server, make sure you have the rights to modify the palette list by doing one of the following:

  • From the top menu, open the Edit menu and ensure the Edit Palette List Mode option is checked
  • Right-click on the palette list and select Get Rights to Modify Palette List.
  • From the Colour view menu , select Palettes > Get Rights to Modify Palette List