Creating a Weighted Deformation with Pegs

Another use of the Weighted Deformation node is that it can be connected to Peg nodes to create free form deformation points, similar to the Free Form deformation. The resting position of each point is determined by the pivot point of its corresponding peg. You can deform the drawing by moving a peg around, but you can also rotate, scale and skew the peg to create interesting warp effect that surpass the capacities of the Free Form Deformation.

NOTE For more information on the Free Form Deformation, see About Free Form Deformations.

With only two pegs attached to a Weighted Deform, the deformation will blend between the two transformations based on the distance from the peg’s pivot point. This allows you to create fairly organic deformations with very simple transformation controls.

The Weighted Deform is controlled by two peg transformations that are interpolated as a drawing deformation. This also allows you to simply deform a shape organically in a rig with contextual controls. It also allows you to attach pegs to a rig that dynamically modifies the deformation when the peg is transformed.