About Using Multiple Point Kinematic Output Nodes

The Point Kinematic Output node is particularly useful when multiple drawings need to be constrained to a single deformation source. Each drawing can have its own Point Kinematic Output that provides a transformation tailored to the context of the drawing relative to the attached deformation. This is useful when constraining multiple drawings to a shape, such as limbs on a torso controlled by an envelope, or a number of trinkets attached to a necklace controlled by a single curve.

In this example, a necklace chain is rigged with three gems. The necklace is deformed by a curve deformation chain, while each gem is rigged with its own Point Kinematic Output node, which is configured to track a different point in the curve. This allows for each gem to transform based on its position on the chain.

Additionally, this allows to transform each drawing in different ways. In this example, the central gem is using a Point Kinematic Output node with Two-Point Sampling as its Sampling Type. This allows the gem to translate and rotate along the curve without scaling. The gems on the edges are each using a Point Kinematic Output with One-Point Sampling, each set to a different point on the curve. this allows the gems to translate and track with the curve without any rotation or scale.