Playing the Animation of a 3D Model in a Harmony Scene

Animated 3D models imported in Harmony will appear static at first. To play their animation in the scene, the frames of their embedded animation must be exposed in their Xsheet column.

The 3D model itself being a drawing, typically named 1, that must be exposed throughout the scene, you can indicate which animation frame inside the 3D model to expose in a given frame of the scene by entering, in a cell in the Xsheet, the name of the drawing followed by a comma and the number of the model's animation frame to expose.

For example, if the model is named 1, and you wish to expose the frames 1 to 15 of its animation in the scene, the model's Xsheet column should have drawings from 1,1 to 1,15 exposed, inclusively.

NOTE In the example above, the first frame of the model appears as 1 instead of 1,1. Harmony will always display the first frame of the model as the model's name without any frame number.

You can quickly fill the Xsheet column of a 3D model with its embedded animation frames using the Sequence Fill dialog.