Exporting 3D Objects for Harmony

Before importing your 3D model in Harmony, you must export it in a format supported by Harmony. The following steps will explain how to export a 3D object in Filmbox (.fbx) or Alembic (.abc) format from Autodesk Maya. Depending on the software and version you are using as well as the file type you wish to export, the instructions may vary. Please refer to the documentation of your 3D authoring software as needed.

NOTE If your model is animated and you want its animation to play in the Harmony scene, you should export it in Filmbox (.fbx) format if the animation does not use deformations, and in Alembic (.abc) format if the animation uses deformations.
IMPORTANT When exporting a Filmbox (.fbx) file from Autodesk Maya, you must set the Type parameter to Binary and the Version parameter in FBX File Format panel to 2014/2015 to make sure it is compatible with Harmony.