Animating Individual Parts of 3D Models

A typical 3D model is comprised of several parts (subnodes) that can be transformed independently. By default, transformations made on 3D model subnodes are static. If you need to animate the subnodes of a 3D model, you need to connect the 3D model to a Subnode Animation node. This node will store the keyframes for each subnode that you animate and will also make them available in the Timeline view.

IMPORTANT If your 3D model has been imported in Harmony scene through a template or scene that has been exported from Storyboard Pro 5.0 or Storyboard Pro 5.1, and a subnode in this 3D model has been transformed or animated in Storyboard Pro 5.0 or 5.1, it is possible that this 3D model has extra subnodes that are not in the original Maya project. This might cause errors with the position and visibility of some subnodes when rendering the model. In this case, it is recommended to re-import the original 3D model file in your Harmony scene before animating it.