About Paint

The Paint application is used mostly in large productions in which a dedicated Ink and Paint or Colour team is employed to colour drawings in traditional or paperless productions. It allows users to edit scenes in a much more simple user interface with limited functionality, in which it is only possible to edit existing drawings in a scene using Harmony's drawing tools.

Using Paint has two main advantages:

  • It allows Ink and Paint and Colour artists to quickly learn how to perform their task in the software, as they only have to master a limited set of features and user interfaces.
  • It allows to project collaborators to work on the same scene. Because Paint is only able to modify drawings in the scene and nothing else, Paint will only open and lock the drawings that the user selects when loading a scene, and will leave all other assets, as well as the scene itself, unlocked. This allows another project collaborator to work on other aspects of the scene in Harmony, such as staging, camera movements, digital animation, effects, or anything that does not involve making changes to drawings, at the time as the Ink and Paint artist.

Paint can only open Harmony Server scenes. Hence, it can only be used in a Harmony Server environment. Paint is typically used to ink and paint cleaned-up drawings. In order to be able to work on a scene, its exposure sheet should already be filled with drawing numbers or names, which can be done in Harmony. It is not possible to fill your scene's exposure sheet from Paint.