Stroke Tool Properties

When you select the Stroke tool, its properties and options appears in the Tool Properties view.

NOTE To learn how to use the Stroke tool, see About the Stroke Tool.

Icon Tool Name Description
Draw Stroke as Straight Lines

Enable the Draw Stroke as Straight Lines option if you want the new strokes you draw to be a perfect straight line. Disable the option if you want the stroke to follow the mouse gesture.

Connect Line Ends

Enable the Connect Line Ends option if you want the start or end point of your new stroke to connect to your existing strokes to make sure no gaps are left in your drawing.

Auto Fill

When enabled, drawing a closed shape will automatically fill it with the currently selected colour.

Trim Extra Lines

When enabled, drawing a closed shape will automatically remove the outstanding lines.

Align Handles After Trim

When the Trim Extra Lines option is enabled, enable this option to make the point where the beginning and end of the stroke meet into a smooth curve rather than a hard corner.

Auto-Flatten Mode

By default, when drawing, each new stroke is created as a separate drawing object, which can be edited independently from other parts of the artwork. When enabled, the Auto-Flatten option automatically merges strokes into existing artwork.


You can modify the central line smoothness of your line using this option. This parameter smooths the initial movement of your line. Increasing the value will result in a smoother line with fewer control points. Use the left and right arrows to increment the value by one full unit. Use the Up - Down slider to quickly increment the value.