Polyline Tool Properties

The Polyline tool allows you to draw complex lines or shapes by defining each point and their Bezier handles one by one.

NOTE To learn how to use the Polyline tool, see About Shape Tools.

Pencil Properties

Just like other shape tools, this tool creates pencil lines. Hence, its tool properties are similar to the ones of the Pencil tool and it can be used with pencil presets.

Icon Property Description
  Preview Area

The Preview area lets you see a preview of the stroke your drawing tool will make.

Preview Stroke

  Pencil Properties Dialog

The arrow button right of the preview area opens the Pencil Properties dialog.

Edit Brush To Add Texture

While the Tool Properties view only gives you access to the pencil size, a list of pencil presets and other drawing options, the Pencil Properties dialog gives you access to all the available options for your pencil's shape and texture. For more information on the Pencil Properties dialog, see the Polyline Tool Properties section below.


Defines the width of the pencil line used to draw the shape.

Pencil Presets

Icon Property Description
  Presets list

Harmony provides a variety of presets and also lets you create and save your own. It is a good idea to create and save pencils with precise sizes and parameters when you draw and design for efficiency and consistency.

All tools using pencil lines share the same preset list. Therefore, the Polyline, Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, and Pencil tools share the same preset list.

New Preset

Creates a new preset based on the current tool properties.

Delete Preset

Deletes the currently selected preset.

Presets Menu Gives access to more options for managing presets.
  Rename Brush

Allows you to rename the currently selected preset.

  Import Brushes

Allows you to import brush presets exported from Harmony.

  Export Brushes

Allows you to export your brush presets into an .xml file.

  Small Thumbnail Displays presets in a grid of small thumbnails with a preview of their tip.
  Large Thumbnail Displays presets in a grid of big thumbnails, with their name and a preview of their tip.
  Stroke View

Displays presets in a list, with their name and a preview of a stroke done with each preset.

Drawing Options

Icon Property Description
Snap to Contour

When this option is enabled, clicking close to a contour in your drawing will add the point to that contour. The line you are building will be linked to that contour.

If this option is disabled, attempting to click on existing contours will always create a point very close to that contour, but not exactly on it. Therefore, it is necessary to enable this mode if you want to create lines that branch from into existing contours in your drawing.

NOTE If you draw a line with the Line tool and make its tip snap to a contour or another control point in your artwork, they will be locked together. You can then manipulate both simultaneously using the Contour Editor tool. You can also separate two drawing strokes that have been snapped together by selecting one of them with the Select tool and moving it away.
Auto Fill

When enabled, drawing a closed shape will automatically fill it with the currently selected colour.

Trim Extra Lines

When enabled, drawing a closed shape will automatically remove the outstanding lines.

Align Handles After Trim

When the Trim Extra Lines option is enabled, enable this option to make the point where the beginning and end of the stroke meet into a smooth curve rather than a hard corner.

Auto-Flatten Mode

By default, when drawing, each new stroke is created as a separate drawing object, which can be edited independently from other parts of the artwork. When enabled, the Auto-Flatten option automatically merges strokes into existing artwork.


Using the Select tool, you can use select and remove a segment of flattened pencil lines. Overlapping pencil lines drawn with the Auto-Flatten mode are essentially cut into segments by the overlap and can be treated as individual lines.